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We are an Award-Winning Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Company in Dubai.

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Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Company in Dubai

Have your sofa & carpet got dirty?  Look no further. We are an award-winning sofa & carpet cleaning Company in Dubai with 10+ years of experience.  Our company is an authorized carpet cleaning service and offers top-notch eco-friendly, safe and long-term result carpet cleaning Dubai service at a very affordable cost.

Unlike other cleaning services Dubai, Our company exclusively focuses on carpet & sofa cleaning. We founded our carpet cleaning company in 2010 and since then we are offering High-quality carpet cleaning Dubai and around residents. Carpet is an expensive product so ensure you’re hiring the right carpet cleaning company in Dubai to clean it. Our company has earned a unique reputation within 10 years.

Our firm makes use of long-term resulting cleaning materials. Our professional carpet cleaning team in Dubai are taught to clean all kinds of carpet. Regardless if you’ve got dirt, stain, pet garbage, or alcohol spots on your carpet, we will scrub them implementing advanced technology and a safe process. We don’t clean like car wash cleaners who use out of date techniques, life-threatening cleaning products and unethical approaches to wash the carpet. Thorough un-professional carpet cleaning organizations and car wash stations charge lower than a professional carpet cleaning company, such companies can be undesirable rather than beneficial as they can damage your carpet or use poisonous substances. Such cheap carpet cleaning companies in Dubai can wash your carpet by using these toxic materials but can’t wipe out bacteria who do exist on every inch of carpet. In order to kill off bacteria, always opt for professional carpet cleaning companies in Dubai that use anti-bacterial and eco-friendly products.

We are different from other carpet cleaning Dubai services as we DON’T use dangerous chemicals. Our company makes use of eco-friendly chemicals that are recommended by the Government and industry professionals.  So if you’re in Dubai and wish to get your carpet and sofa cleaned contact us right away.

Our Services

We are specialized in offering the following services.

Carpet Cleaning

We are an N0# 1 Rated carpet cleaning company in Dubai and we deal with all kinds of carpet. We deal with Pakistani, Irani, Turkish, and other countries carpet as well.  We offer all carpet washing related services. We can remove the Stain & Odor and dirt as well. We can also assist you in Stairs & Hallways, Scotch Guard, and carpet shampoo. We wash your carpet professionally and our cleaning service can kill off all your carpet bacteria. Whether you've 20/sqm or 200/sqm carpet, our company can assist you. We offer a quick washing service and normally we return carpet to the customer within 2 days. However, Depending on the availability, we can offer you same-day carpet cleaning without charging you any extra amount.  Our experienced and professional carpet cleaning service doesn't leave any spot trace on the carpet. We will completely remove dirt, stain & spots from your carpet. Apart from cleaning, most of our staff are familiar with carpet fabrics and know-how to wash them without damage. Our company has been investing a great amount of revenue in staff training so they can meet customer's requirements. We understand that if we don't clean your carpet up to your expectations you wouldn't use our service again.  So we take every job carefully and our staff always examine your carpet carefully before beginning the cleaning process as each fabric should be deal as per it's instructions. So gives us a chance that we deserve to give you the best and most purifying Dubai carpeting cleaning experience possible.  Once we finish your carpet washing and head over your carpet to you, most probably you wouldn't not able to recognize it. At least you will be surprised by our best carpet cleaning service in the town.

Sofa Cleaning

Have you noticed that with daily, regular use, your sofas and couches tend to get dirty quite fast? This happens due to the extensive wear and tear associated with frequent use along with the accumulation of dust, dirt, germs everywhere on your couches. Technical and physical Sofa cleaning is differently a hard job and washing it at home could cause you an injury. Another reason why sofa cleaning is challenging because it's among those precious items that often neglected by homeowners. Many homeowners don't deeply wash the sofa for a long-time. Our professional sofa cleaning Dubai based services is here to assist you. Our company has a specialist team that is trained to clean every kind of sofa. Our team has several years of experience in sofa cleaning. We don't stop to sofa cleaning as our professional team is also an expert in all Upholstery related cleaning. With the deep sofa cleaning that we offer, all rigid stains will be removed, any unpleasant odors will be eliminated, and your sofas will be treated with safe chemicals only, leaving them spotless and just like brand-new. 

Our cleaning services are top of the line and the cleaners who work for us are highly dedicated to handling all sofa cleaning jobs delicately and thoroughly. They can reach all the corners and deep areas of your couches which are secret harboring spots of mold, fungi, bacteria and so much more. With the deep cleaning that we offer, all rigid stains will be removed, any unpleasant odors will be eliminated, and your sofas will be treated with safe chemicals only, leaving them spotless and just like brand-new.  So if you've got a chair or table for clean, feel free to contact us.

Mattress & Curtain Cleaning

On average we spend at last eight hours at our mattress. According to a study conducted by Ohio State University, a mattress that is ten years old may have as many as 10 million dust mites inside.  That's means mattress needs to be professionally clean regularly.  Our team has the right skills to clean any sort of mattress. Our professional service includes both sides deep mattress cleaning. In Addition, Our cleaning practice takes away dust mites and dander, dead skin cells, stains, and odors from your entire mattress. As compared to our competitors, we use allergic-free cleaning products to clean the mattress and also do and sanitize. The whole process doesn't take more than two hours so you wouldn't face any troubles in your regular routine. Apart from the mattress cleaning in Dubai, our company also offers Curtin Cleaning. Our professional curtain cleaning services are exceptionally popular all over Dubai for performing a top-notch job and bringing back dirty curtains to life. We have a super skilled team of individuals who are experts at handling any kind of curtains, be it a stiff and heavy material or a light airy fabric. We understand and value our customers and providing them with the best results guaranteed is our main mission. 

Carpet Deep Cleaning Dubai
Sofa Deep Cleaning Dubai

Do you need results from the first try? Don't experiment with “Homemade" cleaning.

  • If  you wish to invite Carpet cleaners at homes, Think again! as those cleaners wouldn't bring advanced drying equipment. Thus Carpet remains moist, actually starts to rot and mold (as in the photo)
  • Such cleaners carry some portable equipment's which are not enough to take out dust particles from the carpet because of poor power.
  • Since carpet cleaning process involve use of detergent so it's best not to cleaning it at home. Also both sides of  cleaning carpet at time some it harder and can damage your carpet.
  • Removing Pet Urine spots sometime become impossible with Portable Equipment. Apart from the advance tools, cleaners required plenty of hot water. Which means it will cost you more as it heating much water boost your  gas bill.
carpets cleaning risk at home

Do you have your carpet cleaned at a car wash? Be cautious!

  • Generally, Car wash don't take advantage of high-quality carpeting cleaning products. Mostly they often use washing powders and dish-washing which may outcome in fade and shed carpet color
  • They don't have any dedicated place to clean wash. They wash carpet at same place where car was cleaned 10 minutes ago. Isn't dangerous?
  • Car stations use High pressure washers. Such gears are made to clean steal-made car bodies, not fabrics. They ruin fibers of the carpet turning it into look bad.
  • They don't have drier and and safe exclusive space for drying carpet. They keep carpet on cross-bars and fences beside dusty roads.  Wet fibers always take dust and heavy precious metals, which trigger respiratory infections and are unhealthy toxins.
  • In winter season, carpet doesn't properly dries. In such situation, water remains inside of the carpet for a long time and damage carpet fabrics.

Why Choose us?

Still not convinced? Let's share some unique features of our services.
  • Long-Term Result Guaranteed
  • An Award-Wining Company
  • Over 10 Years of Experience
  • Eco-friendly Cleaning Products
  • Eco-Friendly Procedure
  • Free Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Proven Professionalism
  • Male & Female Staff
  •  Licensed & Certified
  • Affordable Rate

Real Feedback

I regularly have to hire carpet cleaners as I own a several vocations apartments in Dubai. I tried many carpet cleaning Dubai services in last few years. I'm incredibly impressed with dream Carpet Cleaning. My session was scheduled the morning after a desert storm. I will unquestionably be using this business again for my carpet cleaning needs. HIGHLY recommend!
Abdul Wahid
Own Vocations Apartment
Dream Carpet Cleaning performed an admirable job cleaning my rug! The employees were very pleasant and prepared and they made it possible for a scheduled visit for me immediately!
Finance Manager
Recently, I managed to re-design a large saloon in Marina and had these guys come out and clean the carpets. They are friendly, thorough, and professional. Highly recommended!
Make up Artist
Dream Carpet performed an admirable job on my carpets and was able to eliminate some old pet stains. Dream carpet was very receptive and on time. Great company and will use again.

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